Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

Fascia & Soffit Renovation - Guttering Installations

Installing and updating fascias, soffits & guttering. Individually designed for your property. Guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years, available in a range of styles and finishes. Utilizing low maintenance PVCu that resists weathering.

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Fascia replacement to protect your home

Fascia replacement protects your home and is extremely easy to maintain so it never needs re-painting. We only use quality PVCu. Which is weather resistant and an extremely hardy material, it is guaranteed for 10 years at a minimum, and it will never crack, rot or peel.

Fascia installation quite often includes replacing rotten rafter feet as required, eaves protectors fitted under felt as standard and a bird stop fitted where required. The inspection and replacement of eaves is an essential part of any PVCu fascia refurbishment.

Fascia Styles

PVCu fascias come in a variety of styles, from square, bullnose, ogee or flat profiles, we are confident in our ability to be able to find a style which suits your property.

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Guttering Replacement & Installation

We install a variety of different guttering. All of them are made using top quality PVCu, guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 years.

Types of gutters

K-Style gutters have flat bottoms and backs. With the front-side of the guttering having a more decorative style. Many styles are available.

Half Round gutters look exactly as they sound: half round tubular designs which are often found on historic properties.

A general rule is that K-Style guttering has a capacity almost double when compared to Half Round guttering, however, its cost is around 50% more expensive.


Downspouts come in two options, either rounded or square. In a variety of widths from 3 to 6 inches. The most common being rectangularly shaped downspouts coming in 2 measurements:

  • 2 inches by 3 inches
  • 3 inches by 4 inches

The number of downspouts you require is entirely dependant on the size and capacity of your system. In general, you should aim for one downspout every for every 30 to 40 ft of gutter. The best way to add more capacity to a system is to add more downspouts.